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You are at my hobby page: 


This is what I do when I am not working, although some would say that 

racing is much harder than what we do to make a living. 

This is a fun and light hearted place for me to share photos of my race cars and trucks, 

post info about racing activity and where items can be purchased. 

If you are interested in being a sponsor I am willing to discuss your options. 

-I race Super Cups-

Super Cup race car is the same as a NASCAR but exactly 1/2 the size. The cars come complete with a full tube chassis, rack & pinion steering, upper & lower control arms and fully adjustable coil over shocks both front and rear. Our series requires the cars to weigh 

a minimum of 720 lbs with the driver.  For smaller drivers lead is added to bring the cars up to weight. For bigger drivers, well we get 

stuck being over weight which although is allowed  creates a disadvantage because we are carrying extra weight. 

Oil For Sale by

Kinetic Competition Racing Engines

Currently being offered at

$90.00 per gallon plus shipping

Contact the Chicago Region distributor

 at 219-381-8685

 If you already know about this oil - great! If not, this oil was designed 

specifically for the Honda and Predator engines used in Super Cups.

 The formula and blend of additives make it unique ‚Äčand provides superior life

 and protection in the extreme and hostile environments we run in.

What's cool is that the motor builder <Kinetic> went through the 

expense, time and trouble to produce their own oil. 

That is putting your money where your mouth is!

Try this oil, you will not be disappointed.