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Investigative Services

Information for businesses and individuals:


Hourly rate is: $75.00 per hour

Mileage rate is: $1.00 per mile

Domestic cases require a minimum retainer of: $1,500.00

Definintion of a domestic case: boyfriend/girlfriend or same sex

husband/wife: including cheating, divorce or child support

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We offer a full array of investigative services including:

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  • Surveillance
  • Computer Forensics
  • Polygraph Testing: We make all the arrangements and accompany you
  • GPS Tracking: Covert, Passive, Real-Time, Teen, Assets, Senior, & Cheaters
  • Individual and domestic investigations

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  • Date mate, finance, boyfriend/girlfriend background checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Civil and public records checks
  • Business related field chases and field calls

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  • Process service and courier service
  • Due diligence and document retrieval
  • Paralegal trial assistance
  • Witness interviewing, jail visits, and mobile witness statements
  • People locates, missing persons, and skip trace

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  • Assistance with locating fugitives
  • Photographic documentation
  • Covert camera installation
  • Workers comp, liability, and disability investigations
  • Theft
  • Other confidential assignments on a case by case basis

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For attorneys: we offer comprehensive assistance. If you require assistance in an insurance defense case; we will be happy to assist you, terms are $1,500.00 minimum retainer only..

For women only: we offer Decoy services. That means that if you feel your husband or boyfriend has an interest in cheating, we can offer him the opportunity. We will send in a decoy to find out if he will engage in infidelity. Call for details and rate quote based on your situation.

Employers: Do you have an employee or business associate you rely on that is missing work a lot? Would you like to know if they are going to the doctor or are just laying off work to play games? Sometimes you cannot stay in-house with these things, and you have to go outside for answers. Call us to discuss how you can get the answers you need. Whether you retain us or not, all conversations are held in the utmost confidence.

New Boyfriend or Girlfriend, or someone you met on a dating site:

Have you met someone and they seem too good to be true? Are they secretive and/or distant? Are they unwilling to share simple details about themselves? Do you have questions you need answers to? There are many men and women in society preying on those that are lonely and trustworthy. Don't become a victim of your loneliness. You can have the person checked out, and if everything turns out to be true, that will be the end of it. On the other hand, you may learn of information that could save heartache, protect loved ones, and your assets.

Daughters boyfriend: Are you worried that your daughter's new boyfriend is involved in activity that puts her in harms way? Do you know where they are, or who they are with? Don't you think you owe it to her to find out?

Bad Neighbors:If you are being tormented by a neighbor but the police are unable to do anything. We can help you by documenting their behavior and conduct. We may even catch them in the act of committing a criminal offense or civil wrong that will put an end to the harassment they engage in.

School Bullies: Is your child being bullied by another kid in school? Have you been unsuccessful in getting the situation corrected by the school administration or the police? On a limited basis we can provide surveillance of your child while in public places, to and from school, at the mall, etc. We can document the activity we observe, and immediately contact the police if necessary.

Surveillance: We engage in surveillance activities to provide documentation to protect and recover assets, and to record the activities at places and of people. Not all surveillance cases require the use of video equipment. Our client may desire photographic proof but cannot afford the additional expense associated with it. Surveillance observations conveyed to the client in the form of a written or oral report will keep the costs down, and still provide the client with the information they seek.

Careful planning and execution is required for any type of surveillance, and these matters should not be taken lightly. People engaged in illicit, illegal, immoral, or otherwise distasteful behavior do not take kindly to being found out, and will engage in counter-surveillance. If you feel that our surveillance expertise is required, we will work with you to obtain the evidence you need and deserve.

We can perform still camera, video camera, or observational surveillance for an hour, or around the clock. No assignment is any more important than the next, regardless of the length of time involved.


Actual out of pocket expenses include but are not limited to those advanced by 1 Source during the process of completing the assignment. They include items like: toll-way, parking garage, use of paid data-bases, fees advanced on behalf of client, etc.

Other expenses: will be agreed to prior to acceptance of the assignment.

Retainer or advance fees:

If you are a business concern, 1 Source PI will consider a billing arrangement on a case by case basis. If billing arrangements are agreed to: "Terms are 7 days net" unless otherwise stated.

If you are a private individual, 1 Source PI will begin your assignment after we receive your retainer. In most cases we require a retainer in the amount of $1,000.00. Some cases require a retainer of $500.00. In either situation, we will agree on either a flat fee or hourly rate. If the hourly rate is agreed to, 1 Source will work off of your retainer until one of the following occurs:

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a. The assignment is completed

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b. Your retainer is exhausted

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c. You have directed us to stop the investigation


If we took your case on a retainer basis at an hourly rate, plus expenses, but your total bill did not exceed or use the entire retainer; you will receive a refund for the difference.

If we took your case on a flat fee basis and have completed the assignment, you will owe no balance, and will receive no refund.

Important things to remember:

1. When you hire a private investigator, completion of an assignment may not always give you the result you hoped for.

For example: you hire us to perform surveillance on an individual because you believe they are engaging in a certain activity. Then during surveillance we do not observe them engaging in the activity you suspected, we will provide you with the appropriate report (orally or written) documenting surveillance. Our assignment is completed.

2. Confidentiality is an essential element of the work we do.

a. If you hire us as to perform an investigation for you, it an absolute condition of our relationship that we not disclose to anyone that you have hired us.

b. It is equally as important for you to refrain from disclosing to anyone that you have hired us. For example: you hire us to investigate a significant other, and then you inform them that you have hired a private investigator. You have compromised not only the safety of the investigator, but also the integrity of the investigation.

c. During some investigations it is possible that subjects may discover that we are performing surveillance, or making other types of inquiries about them. This is an inherent part of performing investigative work. We will make every effort to avoid being detected, or otherwise involved, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. People engaging in illegal, illicit, unfaithful, or deceitful activity are often themselves conducting "counter-surveillance" because of the very nature of their conduct. If we are detected during the course of an investigation, this does not void or terminate our agreement.

Packaged Specials:

3. Call for custom rate quote for 1st time clients.

4. Background Check - $125.00 - (State of Indiana only) We will perform 1 data base criminal background check, and provide the transcript to client. Fee in advance.

5. Background Checks - 2-10 background checks, fee paid in advance only- $400.00 - We will perform electronic criminal background checks on up to 10 persons (State of Indiana only.) Client may purchase this package and obtain up to 10 background checks over a 30 day period.

6. Physical Background Check - $95.00 - (Lake County only) We will conduct a physical background check at the county clerk's office, and provide the information to client. Client's requiring transcripts agree to pay for actual costs of copies. Fee in advance.

7. Physical Background Check - $115.00 - (Porter County only) We will conduct a physical background check at the county clerk's office, and provide the information to client. Client's requiring transcripts agree to pay for actual costs of copies. Fee in advance.

8. Welfare Checks - $75.00 one (1) trip- Lake and Porter Counties only. Will perform same service in other counties, please call for rate.

9. Continuous Retainer - 1 Source PI has been retained by three local firms under the terms advertised for the last 60 days. Those terms included $35.00 for hourly billing for 2 years. Unfortunately, we only have limited room for such agreements. None the less, we are accepting a limited number of Continuous Retainer clients (number to be determined). On Continuous Retainer, the client will be billed at a reduced rate for investigative work. This includes but is not limited to: field interviews, people locates, welfare checks, divorce cases, etc. This package is designed for law firms who do not employ a full time investigator, but who need a go-to investigator on a regular basis.

The original offer is now changed to a structured custom agreement. It will still provide tremendous savings, but the hourly cut is not as deep. If you are interested in a continuous retainer agreement, engagements will be considered by the following criteria:

a. Strength of the relationship between our firms

b. Type of firm ie: criminal, personal injury, general practice, etc.

c. Volume of work anticipated

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Note: On occasion we may have to disclose the existence of a conflict of interest between clients. When a conflict exists between competing firms or entities on the same case, we will give preference to the firm who retained us on that case first. The other party will be notified immediately of the conflict and our withdrawal from that case.

We have the ability to do:

Bank Account Searches

Brokerage Account Searches

Real Estate Searches

Source Of Income

And Other Asset Searches

The charges for these services vary, please call for pricing

These are performed legally through a

3rd party credit bureau level company

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red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag

  • Do you own a judgment and need to find if the judgment debtor has money in the bank?

red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag

  • Are you involved with someone who claims to have money and you would like to confirm it?

red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag

  • Are you involved with someone who claims to be broke and you would like to confirm it?

red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag

  • Are you in a divorce dispute and would like to
  • know how much money they have hidden?

red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag red flag

  • Is your former wife/husband hiding money from their cash job and not reporting it to the court to avoid the extra child support?

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We are able to find bank account information nationwide as follows:

1. Bank name and address

2. Amount of funds in deposit

3. Searches are performed state by state

4. Bank account numbers will NOT be returned

We require the following information:

1. Name of individual

2. Social security number

3. Date of birth

If you require this service, please telephone 219-381-8685. An authorization form will be emailed or faxed for you to complete, sign and return.

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*Some searches completed same day.

*Any credit cards denied will result in legal action. Information obtained will not be forwarded until all fees are paid in full.

Call 219-381-8685 today!

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