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1 Source Private Investigations LLC


2925 Highway Dr.Highland, Indiana 46322




We have the ability to find bank accounts and brokerage accounts that someone is hiding from you. It doesn't matter where you live

in the United States. **  You may be involved in a business dispute or are in divorce litigation and the other side is not being truthful about how much money they have. Turn around time is generally 3-4 days. 

** An exception is if the subject has an "Opt Out" provision on file with a particular financial institution. 

Bank Account Searches

Brokerage Account Searches

Real Estate Searches

Source Of Income

And Other Asset Searches


Do you own a judgment and need to find if the judgment debtor has money in the bank?


Are you involved with someone who claims to have money and you would like to confirm it?


Are you involved with someone who claims to be broke and you would like to confirm it?


Are you in a divorce dispute and would like to know how much money they have hidden?


Is your former wife/husband hiding money from their cash job and not reporting it to the court to avoid the extra child support?

The charges for these services vary, please call for pricing but is generally about $1,200.00 flat fee for a full financial report per case. These are performed legally through a 3rd party credit bureau level company

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Recent Results

* 2012 - Locate and recovery: We are pleased to report that we have completed our most important case out of the approximate 400 + we have handled. More than 2 yrs ago a 7 yr old California boy was abducted by the boy’s maternal uncle and grandmother while on a visit from Indiana to California. The boy’s father had sole court ordered custody here in Lake County. We were brought into the case in March of 2011 to serve papers on the boy’s family; however, they avoided service and moved repeatedly. Eventually the case turned into a search and recovery, and it was determined the boy was being kept at an uncle’s house (a convicted felon) in Illinois during the week, and brought to his grandmother’s house in Indiana on the weekends. However, the grandmother had secretly purchased a new house and the address was unknown. The weeks of legal wrangling turned into 20 months of heartache and anguish for the boy’s father. The boy’s father, an Iraq war veteran on combat related disability, none the less continues to work and is a full time college student. The case took a turn for the better on Sunday November 4th when we developed a new address in Gary, IN for the grandmother. After hours of surveillance we observed the boy’s mother at the location and confirmed it as good information. During additional surveillance on Sunday November 11th we obtained a visual and photo confirmation of the boy as he first left the new residence to catch a bus to church, and also as the bus unloaded in East Chicago. 1 Source PI initiated a plan that included coordination with the boy’s father, step-mother, Indiana State Police and the Gary, IN PD - in which we would intercept the boy at the Gary residence and enforce the Custody Order, and remove him from the location. Both ISP and Gary PD adopted our plan fully, and cooperated without interference and with extraordinary assistance to the T. Yesterday morning, November 18th, at approximately 8:00 A.M. Investigator’s Tom Smith, Mel Scott, the boy’s father and step-mother staged with Gary PD Supervisor’s and additional units near the residence in Gary. The 1 Source PI plan was put into place, and we established surveillance at the location with police standing by several blocks away. At approximately 9:45 A.M. a church van arrived at the front of the residence, Smith & Scott with parents moved in on the residence with Gary PD in tow. Smith and Scott exited the vehicle and secured the church van; while the boy’s father made contact with the boy and he voluntarily entered our vehicle. Police were directed to serve a copy of the order on adults inside the residence as we exited the area. The 1 Source PI plan, some 20 months in the making took less than 45 seconds to execute. It was a precise tactical operation that encompassed hundreds hours of unpaid case work, and cooperation and participation by more than a dozen people, as well as two police departments. I rarely if ever mention any of my cases on facebook; it’s just not the right way to do things. But this case is something that I have personally lived through, I knew this man’s pain, and I could hear it in his voice. He did everything he was suppose to do as a father and as litigant in a custody case, yet no one would help him…until he met me. This story is not about me bragging per se, it’s just to show that even a crusty Jarhead like me has a few redeeming qualities - by fighting for the little guy. I have reunited adopted people with long lost parents, I have helped people get the truth they deserved, I have helped retired people who were victims of rip off artists and con-men, I have located multi-million dollar jets for repossession, and I have busted a whole slew of cheaters. At the end of the day: I AM BRAGGING, this case represents who I am on the inside not who you see on the outside, I’m proud of this case, and I want everyone to know about it because it’s a feel-good story. Someone finally told this father: I’m going to help you, don’t worry about paying me, we’re going to get the boy back. You went and fought for me in Iraq so I could sit around here in Indiana enjoying trivial pursuits and it’s time someone stepped up for you.

* 2011 - Locate: Client called me asking for help finding her grandpa who she had not seen in 20 years and provided me with a possible address. While still on the phone during the initial telephone call I immediately went to the location, but there was no answer. Talked to the neighbors who stated the man was in the hospital. Started away from the location almost turned off the street, saw a vehicle pull into the driveway in my rear view mirror. I went back, made contact with a woman who was picking up the mail, turned out to be my clients aunt. Put the two of them on my phone together for a heart warming reunion. Grandpa was in the hospital, but was doing okay, client was able to speak to him later that day.

* 2010 - Process Service: Subject was evading and avoiding service, refused to answer door on numerous attempts. A residence was placed under surveillance, eventually the target exited the location to walk her dogs (off leash). When she was approached, the target ordered the dogs to attack, Bear Spray was deployed rendered the dogs helpless and whimpering. The target called 911, the police arrived and she lodged a complaint of assault and trespassing against me. I countered with my own complaint, the target received a ticket, and the police department filed my complaint for Assault With A Deadly Weapon against her.

* 2010 - Process Service: Subject was believed to be a 3rd floor tenant in an apartment building located a few hundred yards West of the United Center, Chicago, Illinois. After determining through building management that the subject did not live at the location, I attempted to exit the building through the only means available; a stair well. Upon reaching the 2nd floor I realized there were 2 individuals behind me on the 3rd floor, and 2 more below me on the 1st floor. A brief stand-off ensued during which the 4 individuals ask me for my wallet. When it became apparent they were not going to let me leave peaceably, I sprayed all 4 of them with Bear Spray. I then had to negotiate my way down the stairs to pass the 2 below me, wrestling with 1 individual who grabbed me around my legs. After a brief struggle I made it out of the building to my vehicle and left the location. I then called 911 to report the attempted robbery. Police met me a few blocks from the location and asked me to return. The 4 claimed that I attacked them without provocation... and initiated an assault charge. However, when it was determined by police that all 4 were wanted on outstanding warrants, and that I also intended to press robbery charges, they dropped the complaint against me in favor of a trip to the hospital where all 4 were transported for medical treatment.

* 2010 - Investigation including comprehensive surveillance: Completed our most complex case to date. This case involved a corporate client whose area of business is in the logistics of very large, fragile and expensive freight. The manner in which this company moved these items is protected as intellectual subject matter. They had suspicions that 2 former employees subject to a No-Compete Clause were engaged in and using the company's protected trade secrets. To put the financial revenues that were at stake into perspective:the cost to unload the freight involved in this investigation was in excess of $500,000.00 We were hired to locate and surveil the subjects, and to provide still and video photographic evidence. Our target location was a federally protected port where we were denied access. So we deployed a total of 11 investigators, a 32 ft cabin cruiser to perform surveillance on Lake Michigan, and 2 helicopters to perform aerial surveillance. Over a 2 day period we successfully located and tracked the subjects, and obtained irrefutable photographic documentation of the targets activities violating the no-compete contract.

* 2010 - Highly sensitive area. Due Diligence and Background Investigation: 

We specialize in investigations targeting political candidates. We are unable to disclose more specific details for the obvious reasons. However, after November 2010,we will provide more details as is appropriate and authorized

* 2010 - Surveillance: The case involved a man involved in a divorce from a woman he had been married to for less than 1 year. She was a scam artist with a history of seducing men into relationships then bilking their savings, ruining their credit, then employing various tactics to destroy them. This woman came to the very short relationship without disclosing that she had several children by different people who had either been taken away from her or that she gave up voluntarily. She also failed to disclose that she had no credit to speak of, and that she earned a living profiting from bogus law suits, and fraudulent claims of disability. At the time we were brought in to the case by the three sisters of the husband without his knowledge, he had been removed from his house because of a false claim of assault and because the wife informed the court that she had "medical" issues for 6 months. The woman with no legal interest in the residence other than through marriage, but subject to a court order barring her from entertaining any significant others in the home, repeatedly violated terms of the order. We were able to obtain video and still photography evidence of men entering the home. We also obtained covert video of the woman who had asserted a cancer related medical problem, drinking and smoking in a bar. The proof we obtained was used to end the woman's occupancy of the home, and the husband regained possession. By the end of our assignment, the woman was close to a nervous breakdown because of our documentation of her various scams and overall conduct. Our investigator did not even meet the husband until our evidence and report were ready to submit to his attorney. Our behind the scenes activity were necessary due to mutual restraining orders that were in place. Without the husband's personal knowledge of us, he did not violate the spirit and intent of the restraining order.

* 2010 -1 Source PI was retained by another investigation company to locate 2 jet aircraft. We successfully located the aircraft valued at $10 millions. Ironically, the aircraft in question were in the possession of an individual who is considered to be one of the most notorious aircraft repo-men in the business.

* 2010 - Pressure Surveillance: We were hired by grandparents when their grandson was snatched by bio-mother. Their son and the grandchild s mother had not yet gone through the courts to establish visitation and/or custody. Indiana law states that in these instances custody is 50/50 with the parent in possession having the lawful right to retain custody. The other parent may take the child any time the parent in possession does not have physical contact with the child. The child had lived with the father since 3 months of age. During a Friday visit at a park, the bio-mother arranged a ruse and while playing with the child ran to a waiting vehicle and left the area. She had indicated on Facebook that she intended to flee the state to Florida. The grandparents retained 1 Source PI to maintain constant around the clock surveillance of the mother until they could get into court the following Monday, and if she attempted to leave the state for 1 Source agents to follow her via any means of transportation. 1 Source camped out at her residence for 78 hours, following the mother whenever she left the residence. By Monday afternoon the pressure became unbearable for the mother and her family, and she capitulated entered into a written stipulated custody and visitation agreement. During this case, the Sheriff's department were called some 25 times, and actually came to the location 4 times to question 1 Source agents at the scene. However, the professionalism, knowledge and lawful conduct of our investigators prevented law enforcement from intervening with our activities and ceased interference.

* Locate: March 2010 - Double locate for Gary, Indiana retiree/landlord. Nice

man rented newer house to couple. They tore up the house, got behind on rent, and had to be evicted. Client obtained a judgment in the amount of $5,000.00for back rents and damages to the property. They never paid a penny of the judgment, went underground, and of course the local court could not serve subsequent summonses on the jerks to enforce the judgment. I was hired to locate the couple who had went their separate ways. I found them both within a few days.

* Locate: February 2010 - Located deadbeat dad in 4 days that La Porte County could not find for 4 years. Mom and kids will get their child support now.

* Investigation: January 2010 - Uncovered substantial assets husband hid from my client (his wife) during marriage. Also got to the truth of why he left in the first place; he had a new girlfriend, imagine that.

* Surveillance - December 2009: 1 Source PI successfully obtained video surveillance of an individual who claimed to have a permanent limp as part of a personal injury claim. Our video proved this person does not have a limp or any other readily apparent problem walking.